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Jérémie LECAVELIER - Project Manager - 5y Experience

35 ans

Situation professionnelle

A l'écoute du marché

Souhait professionnel

De 6 à 10 ans
Entre 35 k et 55 k€
- Chef de produits
- Conseil en Communication / Marketing / Publicité
- Social Media Manager
- Loisirs, Culture, arts & spectacles
- Télécoms, High-tech, Audiovisuel, Edition
- Média, Communication, Publicitaire, Evénementiel


Pragmatic & Benevolent | #WeAreIAECaen

Expériences professionnelles

Project manager

IAE CAEN , Caen cedex 5 - CDI

De Septembre 2013 à Aujourd'hui

// Product Management
// Innovation
// Branding
// Development
// Sourcing
// Public Relations

Merchandise assistant


De Février 2011 à Août 2013

Developing strategic produts range for hardgoods - Region: Europe.
Negotiating cost and leadtimes with suppliers.
Build strong working relationships with designers to minitor products release.
Sourcing: Analyzing industry trends and competitors - Conducting market research.

Avg 60+ products launch per year (approx. $10 million).

4 brands - 500+ stores - Revenue 3.5 billion US

Project manager


De Août 2009 à Août 2010

Analyzed clients needs & projects’ potentials, defined strategic orientations and suggested solutions to clients.
Responsible for sourcing, buying and administrative processes to close the deals.
Coordinate Production and Logistic teams to implement multiple and simultaneous promotional operations.
In charge of operational follow-ups and reportings based on performance and financial results.
Conducted communication strategies for a global client portfolio of 400K€.
Developed skills: Autonomy – Flexibility – Attention to details.

Project developer


De Janvier 2007 à Juin 2007

Conduct the connection program between Computing and HR Services.
Deeply analyzed HR employees’ needs in their utilization of SAP.
Transferred the information to SAP engineers and built a comprehensive tutorial for the HR Service.
Developed skills: Interpersonal relations – Listening –Information circulation.

Project manager


De Janvier 2005 à Juin 2005

Conceptualized and organized the inauguration ceremony of the association’s new facilities.
Responsible for sponsorship researches, planning, buying, budget management and media coordination.
Led the team on the inauguration day (10 persons).
Developed skills: Sense of organization – Creativity – Strength of conviction.

Assistant project manager


Responsible for benchmarking and database management on the company main product (Financial Coaching Tool).
Prepared the launch of the new company’s product (Reward Programs Comparator).
Deep analysis of the Credit Cards Market, trends and innovations in the US (100+).
Developed skills: Adaptability – Analytical Mind – Curiosity.

Formations complémentaires

Master's degree

IAE Caen Basse-Normandie - International Marketing

2007 à 2009

Directed movies to promote IAE during graduations ceremonies.

Advanced knowledge in Marketing, Finance, Project management, negotiation and international management.
Development of team-work and team management skills throughout comprehensive Leadership and Ethic seminars.
- Unique Degree in France with courses delivered by US teachers from multiple US universities.

Master's degree

Texas A&M University - Management

2008 à 2008

Marketing, International Busines, Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

IAE - Business Administration and Management, General

2003 à 2007

- Received a government scholarship to study Intercultural Communication, Management and Sociology at MTSU (Fall 05 / Spring 06)

Overall understanding of management’s basics and challenges: Economics, Marketing, International Business Law.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Middle Tennessee State University - Business Administration and Management, General

2005 à 2006

Management, Marketing, Intercultural Business

Parcours officiels

IAE CAEN – Management – Master 2 Management Franco-Américain - M2 FAAI FI – 2010